How To Build A Chicken Coop – Best Chicken Coop Plan?

Before you can raise your chickens you need to have a chicken coop. How to Build a Chicken Coop is a well-known guide but is is the best chicken coop plan?

Build Your Own Chicken Coop

Is it “easy” to build your own chicken coop? Building your own chicken coop gives you control over your project. You decide how big you want it, what design best fits your needs, and how it looks. How to Build A Chicken Coop is an industry leader in coop plans. The designs in this system are created for the beginner in DIY projects. Are you ready to build your own backyard chicken coop, but don’t know where to start? Click here to learn more about How To Build A Chicken Coop.

Chickens, eggs, and coops.

Chickens are not just for the country anymore. More and more people are raising chickens in their backyard due to the benefits they bring. Chickens are relatively easy and inexpensive to raise. Whether you raise meat or egg chickens, you know that the product you are getting is healthy in comparison to a factory farm raised bird. Backyard hens produce eggs that have a higher nutritional value than the eggs you get at the grocery store. Chickens are easy to manage and can be considered pets. Kitchen scraps? Chickens love them!  They also will keep your yard free of crickets, snails, and other pests.  If you have kids chickens make a great 4-H project. Possibly one of the best reason to raise chickens is the fun you have watching them interact with each other.

No matter what your reason is for raising chickens, you do need a chicken coop to house them and protect them from the weather.


Building your own chicken coop makes economic sense.

You know you need a chicken coop for your chickens, so what is the best way to get one? You can buy a pre-built one, but they are expensive, and you have to put them together anyway. The materials are generally high priced but low in quality, so you end up having to repair your chicken coop, or start over. When you use the plans provided in How To Build A Chicken Coop, you can save up to 50% on the cost of building your own coop. And, you can customize it to be exactly the way you want it.

One key component to keeping costs down is your choice of materials.  You can make your chicken coop with many different materials, including things you may have around the house. An old shed, scrap lumber, PVC pipes or other recycled items you many have.


Is it “easy” to build your own chicken coop?

Most people who decide to raise their own chickens have not done it before. It follows that they have not built their own chicken coop either. With that in mind, How To Build A Chicken Coop makes the process easy. Their guide documents the entire process, from start to finish. The plans are designed so you don’t need to go out and get special tools. The plans are color step-by-step instructions that include scale diagrams and dimensions.  You can build the exact chicken coop that meets your needs with this system.

Yes, it is easy to build your own chicken coop with the plans from How To Build A Chicken Coop. The picture to the left is an example of the blueprints you will receive. Each is fully illustrated, has the exact dimensions you need, and detail instructions for you to build the chicken coop you want.



How To Build A Chicken Coop offers different coop plans

Just like when you bought your house, you know what you like and don’t like in a chicken coop. The plans that come with How To Build A Chicken Coop gives you options to choose from.


CHICKEN BARN:                                                                                                       DOUBLE STORY ARK:









MEDIUM SIZE COOP:                                                                                                       LARGE COOP:








BILL’S COOP:                                                                                               










Ready to build your own coop?

You can see there are many options with How To Build Your Own Chicken Coop. At first look, it may seem too elaborate for a beginner. Remember, there are many plans to choose from and you can decide based on the look you want and how much experience you have with DIY projects. Don’t expect this to be a quick project. Take your time and follow the directions provided, and you will have the chicken coop you want.  It won’t take you weeks, but if you plan out your project ahead of time you can avoid some common mistakes. Size is the biggest concern. Never build smaller than you think you might need. Instead, build bigger to accommodate your chickens, but also the feeders, perches, etc.

Building a chicken coop may seem like a hard project.  You need to work out the dimensions, get the materials and insulation, figure out the ventilation and lighting, where to put the nests and perches and what is the best way to protect from predators!  This can all be complicated unless you plans from How To Build A Chicken Coop. All these points are covered and all you have to do is pick the coop you want to build and follow the directions.



“I shopped around the internet and sometimes it looks like it’s what I want, well nothing is better than these plans…”

“I can’t say enough about the plans I got and for so cheap.  The price is well worth it.  I shopped around the internet and sometimes it looks like it’s what I want, well nothing is better than these plans from Bill K!   I am really happy I didn’t waste any more time looking and got to building with these.  I love the Large house for my farm and glad I got the perfect plans…  Thanks again..”

Frank Longo – Chicken Farmer for 5 years – Nampa, Idaho

Have you been planning to make a cozy, comfortable and tidy coop for your chickens? Well, follow the guidelines in this wonderful resource! My chickens are happy with their new home! Bill’s book helped me make a well-planned, easy-to-clean-and-maintain coop for my chickens. I got practical tips on locating, positioning, protecting and maintaining the climate in the coop. Like me, it will help you too to choose the appropriate size, building design, and materials for construction.

This book not only helps you save while you build, but also enjoy the freedom to customize the coop to your individual specifications and needs. With valuable inputs on light and ventilation, I was able to ensure that the coop position was such that it allowed enough light in, but did not make the coop draughty. I particularly enjoyed the creative and innovative ideas thrown in about building low cost nesting boxes with material lying around the house. It set me exploring my own creativity and resourcefulness! An informative and easy to follow read, this book will guide you in building your own coop at a fraction of the cost of purchasing one!

Rachana Misra Go Green Farms Owner

The best way to get your chicken coop built is to get your own copy of How To Build A Chicken Coop.  Click below and start building your own backyard chicken coop!

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